Our Material Hoists range covers all project requirements with a wide range of loading capacities available. With Standard Access’s rental, sales and support services, you can be confident that your project will be a successful one.

Why Material Hoist?

  • Material hoist have been designed to cater for a range of load capacities, including up to 3,700 kilograms.
  • Our hoists have lifting heights up to 100 metres, making them not only the practical option, but the flexible one as well.
  • Hoists are easily assembled and can withstand the most severe weather conditions.
  • Material hoist are ideal for fixing to scaffolding.

GD 200 ZMaterials Hoist1.40 x 0.80200kg25 m/min
GD 300 ZMaterials Hoist1.40 x 0.75300kg20 m/min
GD 500 ZMaterials Hoist1.60 x 1.40500kg30 m/min
GD 500 Z DuoMaterials Hoist1.60 x 1.40500kg30 m/min
GD300 Z/ZPMaterials Hoist / Transport Platform1.35 x 0.85300kg12 m/min
GD500 Z/ZPMaterials Hoist / Transport Platform1.60 x 1.40 500-850kg12-24 m/min
GD1200 Z/ZPMaterials Hoist / Transport PlatformVarious lengths1000-1500kg12-24 m/min
GD1500 Z/ZPMaterials Hoist / Transport PlatformVarious lengths1500-2000kg12-24 m/min
GD3700 Z/ZPMaterials Hoist / Transport PlatformVarious lengths3000-3700kg12-24 m/min