Suspended Access (Swing/Gondolas) & BMU’S

Our Cable Suspended Platforms are designed to provide access to areas of the building where there is no current access below, with the help of cable suspensions from above.

Why a Cable Suspended Platform?

The Cable Suspended Platform can assist with easy loading requirements and transporting weights much more efficiently on site.

The Benefits?

Cost effective solution
Designed to wrap around any façade making them adaptable to different building profiles
Built with a lighter construction which ensures easier and quicker installation and dismantle

FX e.lift 500FX e.lift 500Suspended Working Platform2-16m platform600kg x 29m/min
FX e.lift 800FX e.lift 800Suspended Working Platform2-16m platform800kg x 29m/min
FX FIXEOFX FIXEOMast Climbing Attachment System

Why Are Cable Suspended Platforms A Must For Construction Companies?

Cable Suspended Platforms has been specifically designed to allow access to the building areas that do not have any access. These areas can be reached only with the help of reliable vertical access solutions like the suspended platforms.

Adding More Efficiency And Speed To Loading

You can have multiple requirements of the suspended platforms including loading and transporting weights. In such a condition, the priority is efficiency and speed as well as ease. With suspended platforms you can easily load heavy machines and equipment and transport the weights. Importantly the platforms are so reliable and adaptable that you can wrap them around any façade so that they can be used for different building profiles.

Cost Effective Cable Suspended Platforms

These suspended platforms offer economical alternative solutions for all types of construction. Built with lighter material, it is easy to install and dismantle the platform very quickly. You can execute temporary work including repairs, installations, renovations, cleaning on chimneys, facades, and cooling in a very cost-effective way.

The cable-suspended platform saves you from investing in extensive scaffolding work and hence is a highly cost-effective option. The platforms are suspended from above and assure complete safety to the employees who use it for accessing the areas of building with almost no access. The platforms are exceptionally good for working in unreachable areas on industrial complexes, sky rises and skyscrapers in the metro cities.

Why To Choose Vertical Access Solutions Like Cable Suspended Platform?

There are multiple reasons why anyone should choose this suspended platform:

Safe And Reliable: These platforms offer full end-to-end safety services to the employees by using a suspended working platform. It includes pre-installation risk management, erection, installation, delivery, and dismantling.
Easily Adaptable: The platform has been designed typically to fit all types of façade irrespective of their design and shape. This adaptability to odd and uneven-shaped buildings makes such vertical access solutions very unique.
Installing And Dismantling Is Easy: It is quite a tough task to install and then dismantle such huge platforms. However, since these cable suspended work platforms are made from lighter material, anyone can quickly install and dismantle these platforms.
Back-support From Certified Professionals: Reliable companies have a team of immensely experienced and certified professionals who can offer easy and quick solutions to any problems with regards to using cable suspended work platforms. With such a great backup there is no chance of any work being stranded for lack of expertise or skilled manpower.
Ability To Support Significant Amount Of Weight: These vertical access solutions have the ability to support a large amount of weight due to which it becomes easier for the construction companies to move their material up and down faster and with greater efficiency.
Ideal For High-rise Constructions And Skyscrapers: Renovators and constructors with interests in high-rise buildings and skyscrapers always have a need for such suspended work platforms. These cable suspended platforms save time by helping the constructors to successfully and safely fulfill all the responsibilities that are a part of a construction project.

Standard Access provides Permanent Access and Building Maintenance Unit solutions for building and infrastructure projects. We have partnered with the Tractel® brand who have over 40 years of experience developing permanent access solutions for clients around the globe.

At Standard Access, we ability to advise you on all aspects of your building or infrastructure access project, from conceptual engineering to installation on site. Whether your job calls for a building maintenance unit (BMU), cradle, monorail, gantry, davits, or if you need a permanent lifeline, our permanent access and BMU; s service a solution to meet your requirements

Why choose standard access?

We provide solutions that can easily be integrated into complex architectural designs and match your aesthetic and technical requirements. Standard Access offers a complete range of permanent access solutions including:

Powered and Special Cradles: to be used with BMUs, davits and monorails
Polelifts: for buildings under 20m high without taking up roof space
Ladders and Traveling Gantries: an access solution particularly suited for glazed structures
Permanent Lifelines: a secure access solution for rooftop maintenance
Bridge Gantries or Suspension Trolleys: a specific solution for bridge maintenance

Wind Turbine
Building Maintenance Units